Water Before Coffee


If you know anything about health you know that water is essential for every aspect of your body. Proper hydration results in countless improvements including skin purification, appetite regulation, as well as weight management.

Like most people, I crave a warm cup of coffee in the morning. Most people do not realize that coffee (a diuretic) may be made with water, but it is not the hydrating drink your body craves as soon as you wake up.

Diuretic: Something that promotes the formation of urine by the kidney. All diuretics cause a person to ‘lose water,’…


As you can see coffee does help flush your system but it does so unnaturally. It prevents the internal organs from properly flushing toxins, and inhibits your body from holding onto water to hydrate.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my coffee! One huge tip that can help your body replenish itself before you start your day is to drink 16 oz of water before drinking or eating.


1. Drinking water helps to flush toxins, leading the proper reabsorbing of nutrients.

2. Rehydrated your dehydrated cells.

3. Improves brain function.

4. Jumpstarts your metabolism.

So before you drink your morning cup of joe be sure to love your body, and hydrate it first! 

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