Lemon Chicken and Kale Salad


This quick, light, and refreshing meal is the perfect lunch or dinner option on your low carb days.


First, take thinly sliced free-range chicken breasts and season them in minced garlic and olive oil.

On your stove top cook the breasts on medium heat. While the chicken is cooking juice one half of a large lemon onto the cooking chicken. Allow the meat to cook until the inside is flakey and white.

To get the juiciest chicken I would advise taking the meat off the heat when the inside has a faint pink color. The meat will continue to cook within itself but will also retain a lot of moisture and flavor.  


In a big bowl break apart some fresh dark gree lettuce and purple kale. Add chopped red onions, tomatoes, and cucumber.

For the dressing I used a mixture of olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, and lemon juice!  

If you would like to add some healthy fat to this wonderful meal I would reccomend diced avocado!

Enjoy 🙂

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