The One Thing The Internet Doesn’t Sell

We talk about health as if it is this concrete, attainable thing. Wouldn’t that be nice, to wake up one day and decide “today I’m going to go get some health?” To put it simply, health cannot be achieved because it is not an end to a means. Health must be practiced, nurtured, and constantly perfected. This is not to scare or discourage you. I say this because I want to empower you to make good decisions every single day!

All good things come in 3’s. Same thing with your health, I’m talking about chemical, emotional, and physical health. You really can not achieve optimal health with one and not the other, its simply impossible. Physical health meaning your physical body, chemical health relates to your internal functions and processes, and emotional health is your mental state. Each aspect of your health is so incredibly important and once we learn how to care for each aspect then we can finally begin to work towards a healthier life.

Today I am going to touch upon our physical health. Physical health can be practiced utilizing a few key things, diet, exercise, and alignment. With proper nutrients, our body functions efficiently. If our body is working efficiently then our chemical health improves. Exercise helps to also improve our body’s functions. It helps to improve metabolism rates and remove excess body fat. Without exercise our body would not be challenged in ways that improve its functions.

Last but not least we must take our bodies alignment into consideration. I know so many people who are simply not educated on the importance of keeping our spine healthy. If our spine is in proper alignment then it allows brain function to not only improve but it also provides optimal opportunity for your body to self heal. Humans are incredible beings and we were designed to heal ourselves of things like inflammation and even headaches. If we keep our spines healthy and at the correct curve then we provide our nervous system the perfect environment to work properly. An unobstructed nervous system leads to a healthy body!

Now lets go back to the beginning. Remember, health is not something that can be bought or even shared. Health must be earned every single day with the decisions we make and the care we provide our body.




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